It’s Always A Buyers Market When….

Your real estate professional goes the extra mile to deliver the best value in the home buying process. Example:  Year to date, Chester County home buyers who purchased a $300-400K home paid a final price that was 99.1% of the asking price.  Support from TREND MLS:

My past 5 clients paid 96.4% of ask price, and if you factor in seller paid credits, they paid a “net purchase price” 95.3% of ask.  Full disclosure: Only Chester County sales of $300-400K were used in the data set above, my clients have a wider range both price and geographically, the data for seller paid credits is not readily available (so do not have the “net” comparison for reference).  The point however is this:

I work for my clients best interest at all times. It tends to have a positive outcome.

Another observation: I continue to hear the folks on the sidelines of the market saying things like “bidding war” and “paying over ask to get the home you want.”  The stats indicate its probably a neutral market, not buyer or sellers, so stay objective in the buying process.

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